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Chief Editor


KOSYKH Anatoly Vladimirovich

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Head of Radio Devices and Diagnostic Systems Department,
Omsk State Technical University

Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia.

ResearcherID: G-5127-2013  
SPIN-code: 2971-4057
AuthorID: 248757


Total number of publications - 156, including:

  • research papers - 119, including in international foreign editions - 50;
  • patents, copyright certificates registered with the program - 31;
  • pedagogical work - 6.

Training of highly qualified personnel:

1 Doctor of Sciences
5 Candidates of Sciences (PhD)

Chairman of the Council for doctoral theses by specialties:

05.11.13 - Devices and methods of monitoring of environment, substances, materials and products (technical sciences);

05.12.04 - Radio engineering, including systems and TV devices (technical sciences).

Experience in managing large projects and research areas:

Head of the Strategic Development Program for 2012-2016 OmSTU.

Head of the research direction «Stable Frequency Source».

Head of contractual and state budgetary research over the last 25 years.

Social activity

• Member of the editorial board of the journal «Proceedings of the Trans-Siberian Railway»;
• Member of the Award of the Government of the Omsk region to encourage young leaders Sciences;
• Member of the competition and attestation commission of the Ministry of Industrial Policy, communication and innovation Omskregion;
• Member of the Commission for the provision of subsidies to SME in Omsk region;
• Member of the research and innovation activities of the Council of Rectors of Omsk;
• Member of the interuniversity center of expertise of Omsk;
• Member of the Russian public organization «Association for Engineering Education of Russia»;
• Co-founder of the nonprofit organization specialized endowmentfund management target capital «Omsk Polytech - Development Fund of the Omsk State Technical University»;
• Member of the Council of Rectors of the city of Omsk; Chairman of the Science and Innovation Council of Rectors of the city ofOmsk.

Tel. / Fax +7(3812) 653407, e-mail: info@omgtu.ru

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