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Omsk Scientific Bulletin

: 644050, Omsk, Mira ave., 11, building 6, room 424 
   Tel. / Fax +7(3812) 65-32-08 
   Official website

Chief of Scientific Publishers of OmSTU – Moiseeva Maria Karnilovna
Leading engineer of scientific publishing – Fedorchuk Marina Feodorovna 
Engineer of scientific publishing – Koshcheeva Natalia Sergeevna 

The journal Omsk Scientific Bulletin has a status of scientific publications and registered by the Office of Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media of the Omsk region.

The certificate of registration of mass media "ПИ № ТУ55-00360"

By decision of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation "Omsk Scientific Bulletin" included in the       List of leading peer-reviewed scientificjournals and publications (The catalogue of 2010), which should publish basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

The journal is included in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI)
and in the abstract journal and database VINITI.

The publication is included in the catalog "Newspapers. Magazines of Agency"ROSPECHAT".

Subscription Index 83597

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the traditional ethical principles of the Russian scientific periodicals, scientific publications. The policy follows the Code of Ethics, formulated by the "Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications"  Russia, Moscow, mail@publicet.org).

The regulation of the scientific publishing in OmSTU on 28.10.2010

ISSN 1813-8225

The journal "Omsk Scientific Bulletin" has published since October 1997.

Frequency of publication 10 times a year.

Since 2007, "Omsk Scientific Bulletin" has published by series:

Series: Equipment, Machines and Technologies

In accordance with the conclusion of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry on December 19, 2014 № 47/307 it is recommended to include in the peer-reviewed list the scientific publications of not more than three branches of science, with a total - not more than five specialty groups indicating the groups of specialties.

Beginning with the first issue in 2016 in the series "Equipment, Machines and Technologies" will be published scientific articles on the following groups of specialties:

 02.05.00 Mechanical and theoretical engineering

 05.09.00 Electrical engineering

 05.11.00 Instrument making, metrology, information-measuring devices and systems

 05.13.00 Computer science, computer technique and control;

 05.14.00 Energy engineering

Series: Society. History. Modernity

Series: Land Resources. Humanity

Journal "Omsk Scientific Bulletin"(1997-2006 editions)

The journal is available online in Scientific Electronic Library    

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Телефон: (3812) 72-90-55

Приёмная ректора: 644050, Российская Федерация, г.Омск, пр-т Мира, д. 11
тел.: (3812) 65-34-07 факс.: (3812) 65-26-98
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