Vol. 7, no. 1, 2022




Yu. G. Belonogov
On the problem of adjusting calculations of punitive policy of the Soviet state on labor
front during the Great Patriotic War
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-9-15
The article is devoted to the identification of groups of factors that artificially overstated or, on the contrary, underestimated
the results of the punitive policy of the state to strengthen labor discipline during the Great Patriotic War in the industrial sector
of the Soviet economy. The study is carried out on the basis of an analysis of both the changed legislative framework in the
studied area and the office documentation of the Committees of the Communist Party in the Molotov region. Studying the real
practice of applying laws in certain large enterprises of the Molotov region, the author concludes that there is a discrepancy
between the number of actual labor crimes and the number of workers convicted of them.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, punitive policy, labor crimes, desertion from production, absenteeism, Molotov region, Perm.

E. V. Leshukova
The Party mobilization military reservists of communists in the Khanty-Mansiysk
National District on 1941 1942 of the Great Patriotic War
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-16-23
The article based on the materials of the State Archive of the Socio-Political History of the Tyumen region examines one of
the little-studied aspects of mobilization measures carried out at the initial stage of the Great Patriotic War on the territory
of the Khanty-Mansiysk National District, which until August 1944 was part of the Omsk and then the Tyumen regions.
Based on a selective analysis of the numerical, age, professional composition, seniority of the leadership of communists
and Komsomol members, called up by the district and district military registration and enlistment offices in the ranks of the
Red Army from June 1941 to July 1942, the conclusion is made about the nature of the mobilization practice of the party and
economic elite, culture and education workers Ugra and the ambiguity of the influence of mobilization along the party line on
the life of the district in the war and post-war times.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, mobilization, Red Army, Khanty-Mansiysk District, military reservists, party and economic
elite, workers in education and culture.


O. A. Gunter
The role of the Russian Orthodox Church in development of national education system
of small indigenous peoples of the Yenisei province (18601917)
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-24-30
The article is a survey research that examines the experience of the formation and development of the national education
system for small indigenous peoples of the Yenisei province in the pre-revolutionary period and analyzes the role of the
Russian Orthodox Church in this process. The study provides a characteristic of the regulatory and methodological framework,
describes the structure of church institutions involved in the education of foreigners, and also analyzes the activities of
educational institutions for the foreign population. A complex of research methods is used for the study: comparative historical,
structural-functional, problemchronological, anthropological, statistical. The author comes to the conclusion that the Russian
Orthodox Church played a fundamental role in the genesis of the system of national education for the indigenous small peoples
of the Yenisei province in the second half of the 19th 20th centuries.

Keywords: Russian Orthodox Church, Yenisei province, missionary work, national policy, national education, translation
activity, clergymen, education, parish school.

Sun Yizhi
The first Russian newspaper in Shanghai (1918 1921)
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-31-39
This paper deals with the history of first Russian newspaper in Shanghai: Russian section of Shanghai Gazette. With a
detailed analysis of this newspaper, I have succeeded in identifying five editorial staffs of the Russian section: the first Social
Revolutionary staff, the Bolshevik staff, the White Army staff, the second SocialRevolutionary staff and the Monarchic staff.
The author concluded that the editorial staffs of Russian section dont follow a policy of the Editor-in-chief Chen Youren, colleague
of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. At that time the members of Kuomintang couldnt clearly know about the political situation of Russia, and from
1918 to 1920 there were very few people in China who knew the Russian and could translate Russian articles into Chinese. This
 is why the Editor-in-chief Chen Youren hadnt notice that there were a large number of anti-Bolshevik elements in his Kuomintang

Keywords: Shanghai, China, Émigré Periodicals, Russian Émigré in China.

History Name

S. V. Novikov
Ernst Shaigardanovich Khaziakhmetov: scientist-researcher, teacher, person. 19362007 yy.
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-40-46
The interest in the formation and development of historical science in the region led to the need to create a socio-political
history of the Siberian region. This goal is achieved in the second half of the 20th century thanks to the efforts of a number
of researchers. Many of the researchers do history and social studies teachers trained as part of the transition to universal
secondary education. One of them was E. Sh. Khaziakhmetov. Based on the memoirs of colleagues, reference materials and
archival funds, personal impressions, the author comes to the conclusion that Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
E. Sh. Khaziakhmetov is one of the founders of the scientific school for the study of pre-revolutionary political exile in Siberia.
A man of his time: a child who lost his father and survived the war, a student during the thaw, a witness to the development
of the region in the post-war years and a university teacher. In what he saw the usefulness of his work, how his political views
changed over the years, changes in the socio-economic system and political system, the presented material will tell.

Keywords: political exile, revolutionary parties, Narym Museum, Omsk State Technical University, anti-communism, history of Siberia.


Historical archive

A. V. Sushko, M. M. Stelmak
Report letter from Irkutsk official S. A. Shimansky with recommendation to deport Jews from
Russia to the Supreme Ruler Admiral A. V. Kolchak (December 1918)
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-47-55
This archaeographic publication is devoted to the study of the Jewish question during the Civil War in the east of Russia. A
memorandum of the Irkutsk official S. A. Shimansky to the Supreme Ruler Admiral A. V. Kolchak with a proposal to deport Jews
from Russia is added. The introductory preface to the document, based both on the works of historians on the situation of Jews
in Russia and on clerical sources characterizing the personality of the author of the memo, analyzes the conditions that made it
possible for an official in White Siberia to create it. The publication is of interest to researchers of the events of the Russian
Revolution and the Civil War in Russia, the ethnopolitical history of the Russian state and Siberia.

Keywords: Jews, officials, anti-semitism, Russian Revolution, Civil War in Russia, White Siberia, Omsk, Irkutsk, A. V. Kolchak.



S. G. Sizov
He Confessed Christ: Reflecting on biography of priest Vasily Infantiev 
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-56-61
This article is an analytical review of the monograph by the historian A. V. Sushko Life, ministry and feat of the priest Vasily
Feofanovich Infantiev. The book was published in Omsk in 2021. The monograph presents the results of a research work
devoted to the reconstruction of the biography of an Orthodox pastor who fell for the faith. The review emphasizes the relevance
of the book and its scientific significance. The main scientific method used to write this publication is the problematic method.
The analysis of historical sources, methodology and research methods of the author of the monograph is carried out. The article
gives a high assessment of the monograph by A. V. Sushko, notes the significance of the study for church history, deepening our
understanding the relationship between authority, the Church and society during the first decades of Soviet power. In conclusion,
the author of the review expresses the hope that the study by A. V. Sushko will also contribute to resolving the issue of the
canonization of the priest Vasily Infantiev (this issue is now being dealt with by the Omsk Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church).

Keywords: Vasily Infantiev, Russian Orthodox Church, Civil War in Russia, White Siberia, Soviet society, anti-religious policy,
theomachism, political repressions.

S. L. Firsov
At the turning point: the Russian Orthodox Church in years of great upheavals
(about new monograph by A. S. Puchenkov, V. V. Kalinovsky)
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-62-68
The article analyzes the monograph by A. S. Puchenkov and V. V. Kalinovsky Spiritual Outpost of Russia. Orthodox clergy of the
Crimea in 19141920, dedicated to the activities of Orthodox clergy of the Crimea at a turning point in Russian history from the
beginning of the Great War to the end of the Civil War in Russia. A. S. Puchenkov and V. V. Kalinovsky, in the opinion of the reviewer,
are able to competently put together both sources known to experts for a long time, and documents that they introduced into historical
circulation for the first time. S. L. Firsov separately emphasizes as a positive fact that the authors paid significant attention to the study
of the moral and ethical state of the Orthodox population of Crimea having examined various aspects of the influence of faith on his life.
According to S. L. Firsov, A. S. Puchenkov and V. V. Kalinovsky made a worthy contribution to the study of the issue of Russian
confession and the martyrs of the faith, writing an honest and sincere book, useful for everyone interested in the history of the Russian
Orthodox Church of the XX century and the history of the Russian Revolution.

Keywords: Russian Revolution, Civil War, clergy, religious anthropology, White movement, Red Terror, Crimea, Archbishop Dimitri
(Abashidze), Bishop Veniamin (Fedchenkov).

A. A. Shtyrbul
On seven dashing blowing winds...
(About book by D. I. Petin The History of the Omsk clan of Batyushkin)
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-69-73
The paper analyzes the monograph The History of the Omsk clan of Batyushkin prepared by the Omsk historian-archivist and public
figure, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor D. I. Petin. The author analyzes the peculiarities of the authors approach
to coverage on the example of a single Omsk family and the mansion of political and social history that belonged to it in more than a
century of the functioning of the Russian statehood. The scientific, methodological novelty of the monograph is noted; as critical passages,
certain aspects are highlighted, with which the author of the review does not fully agree. In the final, a conclusion is made about the high
significance of the analyzed book novelty.

Keywords: historical science, local history, archives, merchants, commoners, World War I, Civil War in Siberia, White Movement,
Soviet power, Omsk.


N. B. Afanasov
Redefining Freedom. Digital Capitalism and Private Property
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-74-83
The article enquires into the transformations of private property in digital capitalism. The author proposes his interpretation of most
obvious and simultaneously less arguable transformations that take place in digital economy. Economy of cooperative use (sharing),
precarious employment (gig economy), networkisation, as well as rapid growth of inequality determine digital capitalism in opposition
to previous stages of capitalist production and consumption. Applying to historical works that concern private property the author shows
that in the basis of capitalism lies undisputable, basically aprioristic right of private property ownership. It is supported by the state. A
desire to own was and remains an inner motivation of entrepreneurship. It also characterized the actions of capitalist societys agents. In
cultural sense property was a central phenomenon that gave a definition to modernity. The author demonstrates that in this sense
property was always more than just a simple presupposition of goods accumulation. Property, relation to it and its cultural status were
changing in the process of capitalist development: from early industrial stage to Fordism and then Post-Fordism. The author puts forward
a hypothesis that digital capitalism also redefines property. Property dematerialization and the loss of its value become the distinguishing
attributes of this process. Eventually the practices of sharing economy, easiness of being connected to networks and the change of
ownership on the means of production (networks) lead to the decline of property. In social-philosophical sense it could mean a further
decentralization of persons inner world and loss of inner and external freedom.

Keywords: property, digital capitalism, gig economy, sharing economy, inequality, freedom.


A. B. Didikin
Bertrand Russells epistemology: towards neutral monism
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-84-90
The article presents the evolution of the ideological views of the British philosopher Bertrand Russell on the nature of knowledge and the
methodological principles underlying the cognition theory. It examines arguments showing the gradual change tendency of Russells
epistemology towards neutral monism as a concept that removes the contradictions between the mental and physical in matters of cognition
of the surrounding world.

Keywords: epistemology, empiricism, methodological principles, knowledgeacquaintance, neutral monism, Bertrand Russell.

B. Russell
Definitions and methodological principles in theory of knowledge /
trans. from Engl. A. B. Didikin, D. G. Trinitka
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-91-96
TA translation of an article by the great British philosopher Bertrand Russell on the conceptualisation of the philosophical foundations
 of epistemology is presented. It formulates key definitions and justifies the methodological principles on the basis of which will be
possible to construct theories consistent with the ideas of empiricism and the concept of knowledge by acquaintance. Drawing on
 concrete examples as well as the theses on the logical conditioning of the methods of cognition, Russell lays the foundation for the
theory of neutral monism, which became the basis of his epistemological ideas in the early period of his work.

Keywords: theory of knowledge, empiricism, knowledge by acquaintance, knowledge by description, definition,
methodological principles, external world.


S. E. Barykin, Yu. B. Egereva, E. V. Korchagina, O. V. Kalinina, E. S. Fedorova
The largest international digital logistics platforms: comparative analysis
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-97-103
Taking these prospects into account, the integration potential of Russia in the conditions of gradual trade and economic unity of the
ASEAN countries can be considered in the aspect of formation of new strategic opportunities for interaction with the integration
environment of Eurasia on the basis of investments in infrastructure development within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union
(EAEU). The advantages and disadvantages of the digital platforms and the characteristic features of international DLPs are highlighted.
Based on the analysis, the necessity of developing an international digital platform in the EAEU is justified in the context of the development
of international digital logistics platforms within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Keywords: international digital platform, digitalization, LOGINK, The European Logistics Platform (ELP).

E. V. Bannikova, E. V. Provalova, V. E. Provalov
The role of financial analysis in ensuring economic security of agricultural enterprise
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-104-111
Financial analysis is important for ensuring the economic security of an economic entity, since this aspect implements the protection of the
financial interests of a commercial organization in the process of its life. As a result, it becomes necessary to consider financial analysis from
a practical point of view, namely, carrying out specific calculations of various indicators characterizing the financial condition of the
organization, namely, the solvency, liquidity and financial stability ratios. Therefore, the research topic that is chosen in this graduate work
is relevant today.

Keywords: agro-industrial complex enterprise, financial analysis, economic security, assessment, ratios, liquidity, solvency, financial stability.   

M. G. Kudinova, V. V. Kozlov, N. A. Shevchuk, E. V. Uvarova
Accounting in conditions of COVID-19
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-112-118
The article discusses the features of accounting in the context of the spread of COVID-19 infection, gives a conditional classification of the
directions of the impact of the pandemic on the current reporting of the organization. It is noted that the danger to the life and health of the
population during the COVID-19 pandemic has a negative impact on the financial system of various countries, including Russia. In this
regard, both the State and business entities should review the procedure and mechanism established for the functioning of processes,
including such important elements as the procedure and conditions for the preparation and presentation of accounting (financial) statements.
The article presents an overview of legal changes in the field of accounting in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic; structural changes
in accounting services in organizations in remote work conditions are considered.

Keywords: accounting, COVID-19, reporting, PBU, FSBU, regulations, economic system, remote work.    


V. V. Leushkina, O. V. Kondratieva, E. A. Pogrebtsova
The main directions of efficiency optimization of transport and logistics system of suppliers
of spare parts for agricultural machinery
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-119-126
Currently, the process of trucking is facing a number of problems and factors both internal and external. In order to increase the
competitiveness of road carriers, it is necessary to improve logistics management methods. The theoretical and methodological basis
 of the research article is a logistics approach, expressed in a systematic approach to the study of the processes of organizing the
 production of a transport and logistics system in an enterprise engaged in the supply of spare parts for agricultural producers.

Keywords: transport and distribution network, logistics, organization process, effectiveness.

V. M. Fedorov
Domostroy by Xenophon and the model of an effective manager
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-127-131
The relevance and value of Xenophons Domostroy lies in the fact that it has an applied orientation and acts as a theoretical basis for
the development of modern management. Xenophons Domostroy laid the foundations of the theory of management, it was the first to
formulate an ideal model of the manager. Individual places of Domostroy are still able to arouse the interest of the manager-manager.
The main objectives of the study are to identify the prerequisites for the use of the basic elements of the effective manager model,
outlined in Xenophons Domostroy, in order to develop the content of modern management theory. The theoretical and methodological
basis of the study is the provisions and categorical apparatus of modern management concepts. In this article, general scientific theoretical
research methods are used: historical-genetic and mentallogical methods (methods of abstraction, idealization and synthesis). The results of
the work have important theoretical and methodological significance for the formation of professional consciousness of management based
on centuriesold management practice.

Keywords: Xenophon, model, manager, management functions.

O. A. Yusupova
Client-oriented approach in assessing quality of transport services for private clients
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-132-137
The article examines the problem of the quality of service for private clients in the transportation of groupage cargo. The research is 
conducted from the perspective of a private client-oriented approach. The author proposes an assessment technique. It is based on a system
of quality criteria. They are formed taking into account the specifics of the work of the transport company with individual consignors. The
technique has been tested on the example of the Russian Railways-Express service of the Russian Railways JSC. Based on the results
of the study, the strengths and weaknesses of transport services to customers are identified, recommendations are formulated to improve
its quality.

Keywords: assessment of the quality of transport services, quality indicators, transportation of groupage cargo, customer-oriented approach.

S. V. Taruta
Management of housing and communal services in apartment building: evaluation of alternative methods
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-138-146
The article presents a comparative analysis of the main methods of housing and communal services management in an apartment building
in Russia: direct management of the owners of premises, management of a homeowners association or a housing cooperative, management
of a management organization. The purpose of the work is to identify the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of housing and
communal services management, depending on the various characteristics of apartment buildings and the characteristics of the owners of
premises, which allows improving the methodological tools of organizational and managerial aspects of the activities of economic entities in
the housing and communal services market. The author has compiled in the table a description of alternative ways of managing an apartment
building in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. The author gives an assessment of the positive and negative sides
of each of the listed methods. The author came to the conclusion that the owners of premises in an apartment building, when choosing a
management method, should take into account the satisfaction of consumers of housing and communal services as much as possible, should
comply with laws, sanitary and technical rules for the maintenance of an apartment building, and should also minimize the costs of managing
an apartment building. The results of the comparative analysis will allow the owners of premises and local self-government bodies to make a
more rational choice of the method of managing the MCD. Also, this study makes it possible to highlight problems in the issues of control of
management companies and further improve the regulatory and legal norms governing activities in the field of management of MCD. The
results obtained by the author will be useful for drawing up various government programs that stimulate the processes of digitalization of
service activities of management companies in the provision of housing and communal services.

Keywords: housing and communal services, management of an apartment building, direct management, homeowners association,
management company.

E. V. Medvedev
Creation of model libraries in the region as one of ways to improve life quality
of population of the Omsk region
DOI: 10.25206/2542-0488-2022-7-1-147-151
In this article, the author shows the relationship between model libraries and their impact on the quality of life of the local population. The aim
of the research is to analyze the processes of influence of model libraries on the quality of life of people and to establish a connection
between them. In conclusion, the author draws conclusions about the research done, confirming the relationship between the quality of life of
the population of the Omsk region and model libraries.

Keywords: quality of life of the population, human capital, model libraries, social infrastructure, standard of living, labor resources.


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